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Our expertise in making Wireless and Cellular Products


Innovative R&D Team at E-Lins

E-Lins's R&D team is made up of the most capable and experienced engineering talents in the industry. Not only are they very seasoned and experienced with the "tech stuff"; they also have an acute sense to market needs and trends. Everyone has an verage experience of 5-6 years. Some of them had ever worked with some big names before they join E-Lins.



Product ID design


Product Electronic Desgin:PCB layout


They are very open and they all are good team players.They communicate with each other actively to familiarize others' professional strenths and weaknesses.This is very helpful to ensure the product compatibility, reliability and scalability, in addition, it shortens the product development circle.



Field Engineer in SMT workshop


The main work of our R & D team are as follows:

1).To actualize the product concept from our customers We can visualize buyer's vision with Pro-e layout at soonest.

2).To evaluate the feasibility of the product design from both the technical side and market side, and ensure the product's reliability and marketability

3).To implement OEM / ODM project and oversee all the in-house processes

4).Work with marketing division to develop new products and train our sales stuff about the product knowledge