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High standard quality assurance for Wireless & Cellular Device

Quality is E-Lins's dignity.

Assuring quality is the most important ingredient of the value we are offering.

Here you will see all the QA operations from sketch to mass production, and final shipment.


Quality Assurance


Some of our testing facilities for product reliability.


Quality Assurance


Remarks: from left to right, 1-4
1).Salt Fog Tester
2).Cosmetic Reliability (anti-scretching)
3).Reliability for buttons and anti-shock(vibrating and pressing the bottons for a preset period)
4).Temperature change and performance



About E-Lins Technology Communication Quality Control:
Nowadays more and more Chinese Manufacturer copy the same feature products, even the same outlook appearance, which cause different quality. E-Lins just manufactures the best quality with best price. If you care about the quality and price together, you are right to select E-Lins. E-Lins products are all high quality controlled. And each item will be re-check and re-test by our OQA quality team. Choose E-Lins means chooing the good partner to make win-win.