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Q8 Vehicle Motocycle GPS Tracker with gprs

Q8 Vehicle GPS Tracker

Q8 is a GPS tracker for vehicle, mini size and light with ID certification. With Q8 GPS tracker, users can remote control to keep vehicle safty.

Key Features of Q9 Portable Personal GPS Tracker:

1) GPS vehicle tracker for whle worldwide
2) High sensitivity GPS IC inside
3) Support auto adjust time interval
4) Support AGPS
5) Support SMS location and GPRS tracker
6) Support cutting off the oil and electricity of Vehicle
7) Commands and location information received by SMS
8) GPS positioning accuracy <10m(2DRMS)
For details, please refer to the datasheet spec.

Download - Q8 GPS Tracker

Q8 GPS Tracker Datasheet

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Q8 Vehicle GPS Tracker

Q8 Vehicle GPS Tracker with ID

Specifications and Typical Diagram

Datasheet Spec Link:
Q8 GPS Tracker Datasheet
Main Spec
GSM: 850/900/180/1900Mhz quad band
GPRS: Class 12, TCP/IP build in GSM Module
Tracking sensitivity: -159dbm
Acquistition sensitivity: -144dbm
Locating time cost:
host start <2sec(open sky)
Warm start <32sec
Cold start < 38sec(open sky)
Antenna: built-in GSM antenna GPS high sensitivity 360 degree omni antenna
LED indicator: three LED indicator GPS-blue GSM-green Power-red Weight: 65g
Dimension: 87(L)*43(W)*14(H)mm
Input voltage: 1.0~24xVDC
Current: ~60mA(12VDC)~35mA(24VDC)
Standby current: <50mA
GPS positioning approaches: one-off locating, timig and continuous positioning Work environment temperature: -20 ~+70 centigrade degrees
Work environment humidity: 20%~80% RH Maximum altitude: 18000m


Product GSM GPRS Band Type Other option
Q8 850/900/1800/1900Mhz Vehicle No