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Megapixel HD Indoor Box IP Camera 720p with WiFi 3G POE ZIF for OEM - IPC400N-MPC

IPC402-MPC HD 720p Dome IP Camera

IPC402-MPC series Dome IP camera is based on IP network achieve network digital surveillance. It is full-color, day and night dual-use, outdoor economic integration network cameras with infrared lights, It is waterproof effective, not fogged mirror. The infrared radiation distance can be up to 12 meters. Advanced H.264 coding algorithm to ensure a clearer and more fluid video transmission effect. Built-in Web Server allows users to conveniently carry out remote control via Internet Explorer. Furthermore, central management software can be used for integrated surveillance and management of multiple network cameras, so it is very easy to build large video surveillance system.

The series are suitable for public security, banking, ports, schools, buildings, residential zone and other places. It is a good choice for digital HD video network surveillance.

Key Features of IPC402-MPC Dome IP Camera:

1) 1/3" Progressive Scan CMOS sensor.
2) Support 1600*1200(15fps), 1280*960(25fps), 1280*720(25fps) high definition.
3) Support Color/BW mode converting (partial cameras support).
4) Built-in 6/8/12mm fixed focus lens is optional.
5) 18 infrared LED light, the distance up to 12 meters ("-IR" model supports).
6) H.264/MJEG is optional, dual streaming, low bandwidth, and high quality.
7) Support AWB, natural color, clear image.
8) Build in 1 channel audio input and audio output ports, support real-time audio capture and two-way talking.
9) Built-in SD card slot, support SDHC card.
10) Built-in Wireless WiFi module ("-w" model supports).
12) Support 802.11b/g Wireless protocols,supports WEP,WPA,WPA2("-w" model supports).
13) Alarm recording: video lost, motion detection and sensor alarm.
14) Support privacy zone mask (max 4 individual mask zones).
15) Built-in Web server enables the use of a standard Web browser for viewing and management.

>For details, please refer to the datasheet spec.

Download - IPC402-MPC

IPC402-MPC HD Indoor Dome IP Camera Datasheet

IPC402-MPC IP Camera

Megapixel HD Indoor Dome IP Camera 720p with WiFi 3G POE ZIF for OEM - IPC402-MPC

Specifications and Typical Diagram

Datasheet Spec Link:
IPC402-MPC HD Indoor Dome IP Camera Datasheet
Typical Diagram for IPC402-MPC HD Dome IP Camera
Megapixel HD Dome IP Camera 720p with WiFi 3G POE ZIF for OEM - IPC402-MPC

Megapixel HD Indoor Dome IP Camera 720p with WiFi 3G POE ZIF for OEM - IPC402-MPC