E-Lins published the routers and modems supporting 4G CAT6 LTE


Since LTE becomes the main and popular technology of 4G, more and more carriers from the world build and start the networks and service. With 4G LTE, users share better data quality than 3G.


LTE covers Cat1-Cat8. List the table below,


UE Category Uplink / Downllink Peak Value (Mbps)
Category 1 5/10
Category 2 25/50
Category 3 50/100
Category 4 50/150
Category 5 75/300
Category 6 50/300
Category 7 150/300
Category 8 600/1200

Popular is Cat3 with 50Mbps uplink and 100Mbps downlink. With E-Lins development and design, 4G routers and modems which support Cat4 and Cat6 are lauched. And the near future, Cat7 and Cat8 will be lauched soon.