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E-Lins published the routers and modems supporting 4G LTE Band 28 for Australia And New Zealand

Comparing to 2G and 3G, 4G LTE covers more bands, which seems to be complex.

In different countries and carriers, they use the different bands. Here list the table covering the main bands below,

Band Centre Band (Mhz)
1 2100Mhz
2 1900Mhz
3 1800Mhz
4 AWS 1700Mhz/2100Mhz
5 850Mhz
7 2600Mhz
8 900Mhz
13 700Mhz
17 700Mhz
20 800Mhz
28 700Mhz
31 450Mhz
38 2600Mhz
39 1900Mhz
40 2300Mhz
41 2500Mhz

At the first stage, Australia and New Zealand mainly use band1, band3 and band7. In order to spand the business, Band28 has to be lauched. E-Lins catch up the development to publish routers and modems which support band28 to meet the market.