E-Lins Cellular Product Selection Guide - for non-industrial SOHO Class

Product Select Guide for Non-Industrial Class



USB Dongle Modem Product Table

soho 3g modem table


soho 3g modem table


Wireless Cellular Router Product Table


wireless cellular router

For more product model and serie info, please refer to non-industrial class catalog at http://www.szelins.com/download/Wireless-Mobile-Router-Modem-(SOHO-Class)-Catalog.pdf


For order, please:

1. Confirm where will the modem be used, so that we know the frequency/band to help you select the right suitable models.

2. Confirm what type of network and network provider or carrier will users get the sim card from.

3. Tell sales details info above. Then sales help to select for you.


Contact email: sales@e-lins.com