WiFi Routers for Wireless M2M / IoT

4G / 3G WiFi Advertising Router

E-Lins Bus Wi-Fi solution provides passengers on board internet, videos, entertainment and advertisement service by 4G/3G WiFi Router.


wifi on bus

wifi on bus Topology Diagram



E-Lins Routers for Bus / Vehicle

To further enhance the wireless M2M and IoT reliability, the H750 has a second SIM Card slot so that you can insert two SIM cards to get different applications.

1) Failover

With this using, usually you can get two SIM Cards from different mobile network. One is the primary SIM, the other is backup SIM. In the event that the primary network becomes unavailable then the router will switch to the backup SIM card and use the alternative service provider.

2) Load Balancing and Link Bonding

Being a 4G Load Balancing Router, the H750 can utilise the two embedded 4G modules, the RJ45 WAN and WiFi Client connections all at the same time and share these WAN connections with the LAN users.

With channel link bonding, the H750 4G router makes two or more links are combined for redundancy or increased throughput. Channel bonding is differentiated from load balancing in that load balancing divides traffic between network interfaces on per network socket (OSI model layer 4) basis, while channel bonding implies a division of traffic between physical interfaces at a lower level, either per packet (OSI model Layer 3) or a data link (OSI model Layer 2) basis.

H750 Failover Load-Balance Bonding

more highlights

>> Industrial Design. Rubust and Working in Wide Range Temperature

Industrial design, excellent function to ensure 7x24h running in stability and reliability;

Wide range power input with dual types of input supported;
Alloy-metal case, IP30 protection standard;

Quality industrial grade casing provides robust and reliable 4G router for installation in many different environments and operating temperature of -35 Celcius to +75 Celcius.

4g router supports wide range temperature

>> With Multi-Powerful-Features


E-Lins routers cover different series and multi-features. Take H750 and H700 series for example,

H750 dual sim 4g router

H750 dual sim 4g router


>> Dual Modem and Dual SIM

The H700/H750/H720 can built-in single modem or dual modem for failover, load balancing and bonding applications. With two modems, the H700 4G router can switch from main SIM card to backup SIM card without delaying to meet the reliable applications.

H750 4g router with Dual Modem

>> Dual Band Concurrent WiFi

The H700/H750/H820Q built-in 2.4GHz + 5GHz dual band WiFi with concurrent data transmission to achieve high powerful WiFi performance, supporting 64 ~ 250 WiFi users.

H700 4g router with Dual Band WiFi

>> GNSS / GPS is supported

4g router with GPS


Supporting Web GUI, Telnet SSH Command, SMS, TR-069, SNMP, and NMS (E-Lins Network Management System), users can manage and control the 3G/4G WiFi Routers easily and flexibly.

All E-Lins communication terminals can be connected to the E-Lins remote managing and controlling platform (NMS), which brings the generous devices scattering in different areas to carry out concentrate monitor, configuration, updated, diagnose, maintenance, manage and control. Highly reduce the maintenance costing in the operator, integrator, devise supplier etc, increase the managing efficiency.

Cloud Management Platform for H750 Router