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IPC403L Outdoor PTZ Low Speed Dome IP Camera

IPC403L Outdoor Low Speed Dome IP Camera With LG Sony Camera Module

IPC403L series Low Speed Dome IP camera is based on IP network, achieve network digital surveillance, transmit clear, smooth video surveillance images.

IPC403L series built-in LG integration camera, advanced H.264 codec. Supports dual streaming, Transmit high-quality H.264 video in the low-bandwidth network environment smooth , also supports MJPEG compression; high performance precision Integration camera achieve zoom, with built-in full-speed PTZ, Suitable for large-scale, multi-angle surveillance and Continuous tracing target; Support audio, alarm, TF (MicroSD) card storage, provide third-party systems integration interface.

The series use high-strength aluminum alloy shield, integrated dome design; Water and Dust Resistance:IP66; Built-in temperature control device (fan and Optional heater),Suitable for bitter cold and scorching heat, and other harsh environments (Outdoor mold).

Apply to forests, scenic, highway, railway, airport, port, square, park, street, railway stations, stadiums, residential district and other places. Provide 720P HD video mage, in the indoor / outdoor low illumination environment with excellent reduction ability.

With video surveillance system software platform, can realize different network environments of large-scale network surveillance.

Key Features of IPC403L IP Camera:

1) Built-in high performance Sony/Hitachi/LG/CNB integration camera
2) Resolutions ranging up to 704*576
3) Horizontal speed:6°~15°/sec
4) H.264/MJEG is optional, dual streaming, high compression ratio, and high quality.
5) Support Micro SDHC storage; SD2.0 standard
6) Auto focus, manual priority; Auto iris, manual priority
7) Manual control of speed and lens focal length is proportional, ensure smooth and accurate search target
8) Horizontal rotation range: 360°, Vertical rotation range: 180
9) Preset positions: 64
10) Auto Scan, Horizontal /Vertical rotation range angle can be set, scanning speed adjustable
11) Patrol: 4 groups, each patrol up to 16 presets
12) Power off memory function
13) Title, date and time, stream information, azimuth angle, zoom display
14) Support two-way talking
15) Support TCP/IP, UDP, RTSP protocols
16) Support motion detection, network fault detection and alarm video, image snapping
17) Built-in Web server enables the use of a standard Web browser for viewing and management.
18) Quick and easy electrical connection
19) Water and Dust Resistance: IP66
20) Built-in surge voltage protection and lightning protection devices
21) Installation: indoor/outdoor wall-mounted, Ceiling mounting
22) Support ONVIF protocol

For details, please refer to the datasheet spec.




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IPC403L Outdoor Low Speed Dome IP Camera Datasheet

IPC403L IP Camera

H.264 Outdoor PTZ Low Speed Dome IP Camera with LG Sony Camera - IPC403L












Specifications and Typical Diagram

Datasheet Spec Link:
IPC403L Outdoor PTZ Low Speed Dome IP Camera Datasheet

Typical Diagram for IPC403L-IR PTZ IP Camera

H.264 Outdoor PTZ Low Speed Dome IP Camera with LG Sony Camera

H.264 Outdoor PTZ Low Speed Dome IP Camera with LG Sony Camera - IPC403L