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Megapixel HD Outdoor Dome Super Low Light High Speed IR Dome IP Camera 1080p

IPC403H-MPX-IR High Speed PTZ Dome IP Camera with 150m IR

IPC403H-MPX-IR series
high speed ir dome IP camera isbased on IP network achieve network digital surveillance; transmit clear, smooth video surveillance images.
IPC403H-MPX-IR series is a
PTZ ip camera which built-in zoom integration camera, advanced H.264 codec, Supports dual streaming, Transmit high-quality H.264 video in the low-bandwidth network environment smooth, also supports MJPEG compression; high performance precision Integration camera achieve zoom, Suitable for large-scale, multi-angle surveillance and Continuous tracing target; Support Day/Night mode switch, Selection of imported high-power super lattice array of infrared LEDs, equipped with a powerful video analysis dimming technology, with manual, automatic, timing, camera synchronization and other mode, the max distance up to 150m, especially suitable for outdoor 24 hours monitoring; Support audio, alarm , provide third-party systems integration interface.

This series of products uses spherical shells of die-cast aluminum, IP66 rating of protection, Unique cooling technology, built-in temperature control device (cooling fan and heater), suitable for using in harsh environments.

Key Features of IPC403H-MPX-IR High Speed Outdoor Dome IP Camera:

1) 10 imported high-power super lattice array of infrared lights, IR distance 150M(Max)
2) Up to 8 privacy masking areas (Requires camera to support)
3) Infrared auto-dimming technology, Low-carbon environmental protection and energy saving of 50%, the infrared lamp life up to 3x
4) Unique cooling technology,Cooling effect is good, high reliability, dustproof and waterproof
5) Park, set the ball machine idle for some time, automatically call preset, scan, cruise mode, the path functions
6) 256 Preset points
7) 8 Patrols, each patrol up to 32 presets
8) 4 Patterns, 500 commands(about 30 minute)/pattern
9) Auto scanning:8
10) PELCO_P, PELCO_D and other control protocols automatic identification
11) Horizontal rotation range: 360°, Vertical rotation range :180
12) Horizontal speed:0.01~350°/S; Vertical speed:0.01~120°/S
13) H.264/MJEG is optional, dual streaming,high compression ratio,and high quality.
14) Support Micro SDHC storage; SD2.0 standard
15) Title, date and time, stream information, azimuth angle, zoom display
16) Support: TCP/IP, UDP, RTSP, HTTP, DDNS, FTP, NTP, PPPOE, SMTP Support ONVIF protocol
17) Built-in Web server enables the use of a standard Web browser for viewing and management.
18) IP66 rating
19) Lightning protection design, 3000V surge protection

For details, please refer to the datasheet spec.

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IPC403H-MPX-IR HD Outdoor High Speed Dome IP Camera Datasheet

IPC403H-MPX-IR IP Camera

2 Megapixel HD Outdoor Super Low Light High Speed IR Dome IP Camera 1080p













Specifications and Typical Diagram

Datasheet Spec Link:
IPC403H-MPX-IR HD Outdoor IR High Speed Dome IP Camera Datasheet
Typical Diagram for IPC403H-MPX-IR High Speed HD IR Dome IP Camera
2 Megapixel HD Dome Low Light High Speed IR IP Camera 1080p - IPC403H-MPX-IR

Megapixel HD Low Light Outdoor Dome High Speed IP Camera- IPC403D-MPX