2 Megapixel HD Indoor Box IP Camera 1080p with WiFi 3G POE for OEM - IPC400N-MPC-TD








IPC400N-MPC-TD 2 Megapixel 1080p HD Indoor Box IP Camera


IPC400N-MPC-TD series 2 Megapixel IP camera is based on IP network achieve network digital surveillance; transmit clear, smooth video surveillance images.


IPC400N-MPC-TD series IP camera uses Mega Pixels 1/3" Progressive Scan CMOS and advanced H.264 codec, Maximum digital images resolution: 1920*1080, excellent low light performance. Use 3D smart noise reduction function, In the low-light environment, reduce noise, ensure the edge of the moving object clear. Supports dual streaming, Transmit high-quality H.264 video in the low-bandwidth network environment smooth, also supports MJPEG compression; Support DC drive auto iris lens; Support audio, alarm function, provide third-party systems integration interface.
The series are suitable for public security, banking, ports, schools, buildings, residential zone and other places, Have excellent image reproduction capability in the low illumination environment. It is a good choice for digital HD video network surveillance.



Key Features:


1)Maximum Pixels: 2.0M, Max resolution: 1920Ă—1080, output Real-time Full HD 1080P image


2)1/3" Progressive Scan CMOS, Capture motion images without jagged


3)Capture motion images without jagged (for IPC400N-MPC-MPK)


4)Excellent low light performanc;

3D smart noise reduction function


5)H.264/MJEG is optional, dual streaming,high compression ratio,and high quality.


6)Auto iris, auto electronic shutter


7)High signal-to-noise ratio, Clear image


8)Built-in MIC, two-way talking


9)1 channel CVBS video output


10)Support SDHC storage; SD2.0 standard, maximum storage 32G


11)Power supply:DC12V/POE (Optional)


12)Support 4 area privacy mask


13)Support motion detection, network fault detection and alarm video, image snapping


14)Built-in Web server enables the use of a standard Web browser for viewing and management.


15)Support ONVIF protocol


For details, please refer to the datasheet spec.

Download - IPC400N-MPC-TD
IPC400N-MPC-TD HD Indoor Box IP Camera Datasheet



IPC400N-MPC-TD IP Camera

2 Megapixel HD Indoor Box IP Camera 1080p with ICR POE for OEM - IPC400N-MPC-TD

Specifications and Typical Diagram
Datasheet Spec Link:
IPC400N-MPC-TD HD Indoor Box IP Camera Datasheet


Typical Diagram for IPC400N-MPC-TD HD Indoor Box IP Camera


2 Megapixel HD Indoor Box IP Camera 1080p with WiFi POE ICR for OEM - IPC400N-MPC-TD
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