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Issue: SMS not working

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cell low signal


At H685/H820 router, set the SMS feature as picture above, but when we try to send SMS to H685/H820 Router via phone number 2012 or +8613798257916, the phone number 2012 or +8613798257916 cannot receive any info from the H685/H820 router.

Main Cause and Solution:

Item Cause Solution
1 The Router SIM card SMS service is not working try to check the SMS service via mobile phone. Use mobile phone to confirm the SIM card SMS service is working before use H685/H820 Router SMS feature
2 Setting compatibility issue Uncheck the configuration of "Fix Error For Some Network". Some network need check this configuration, and some network need uncheck this configuration. Please try both for test.
3 Setting compatibility issue From the sys log of the router, the received command phone number is not 100% exactly with the SMS control configuration. Please modify the configuration. For example, in the picture above, the configuration is +8613798257916, but from the sys log of router is 13798257916. So please modify the phone number from +8613798257916 to 13798257916