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Issue: Router is online, but packages delay a lot or lose.

Main Cause and Solution:

Item Cause Description and Solution
1 Network quality

Sometimes network signal is full bar, but the quality is bad or too crowed, which will cause the packages delaying too much or even lost.

Try to test while the network is in spare time.

2 Router work in 2G mode

The router dial up to 2G network. 2G network data speed is limited.

If need high data speed, please try 3G or 4G.

3 Router work in 2G mode

Router working mode selection is wrong. Try to select "AUTO" or "3G Perfer" or "4G Prefer"

4 Router work in 2G mode

Router is 3G/4G version, but sim card is 2G type. Try to use 3G/4G sim card.