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Issue: PPTP VPN can work through gateway to gateway, but not through LAN to LAN.

Typical Diagram:

pptp not working through lan to lan


Once the PPTP is connected, the E-Lins router get PPTP IP from the PPTP Server. From, it can ping through, but cannot ping through

Main Cause and Solution:

Item Cause Solution
1 Configuration is wrong

Please check the PPTP configuration if correct. Refer to the manual step by step.

2 Firmware

Some windows OS is not good compatible with E-Lins router. Please try new firmware.

Firmware for H685

Firmware for H820

3 PPTP Server lost route for PPTP Client

refer router usermanual at chapter PPTP.

In the above PPTP Server Vigor2850, we configed the static route for, then it solve the issue.

See the picture below.


Notes: If there is "PPTP" selection in Network Interface, try to select it if select the "WAN2" cannot work.

You can assign the PPTP IP for PPTP Client of H685/H820/H700/H720 as below,

PPTP not working through LAN to LAN

PPTP not working through LAN to LAN