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E-Lins New Product H685 WRT Quick Start

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Before Installation and Configuration

1. H685 router has different version. Study your router version before installation.

2. For GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA/HSPA+/4G LTE version, please get a SIM card with data business.

3. For CDMA2000 EVDO/CDMA1x version, please get a UIM card with data business or inform us before order if the network uses non-ruim (nam-flashing).

4. Make sure the sim card or uim card is with enough data business and balance.

5. Make sure the signal is good enough where you test or install the router. Weak signal will make the router no work. If you find your signal strength is not good, please contact us for high gain antenna.

6. Different countries and carriers use different network band and frequency. E-Lins packs units with free world-wide-use antenna. It can work, but the data speed or signal may not be good at your sites. Please buy dedicated high gain antenna from your local suppliers or contact E-Lins to OEM/ODM the antenna.

Notes: This quick start is for GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA+/TD-SCDMA/4G LTE network only. For EVDO network or CDMA network, please refer to manual or contact us freely.

Step 1) Confirm the sim card if can work with other 2G/3G/4G router or modem. If the sim card can not work, the router will not work correctly.

Step 2) Connect the H685 Router LAN port to a PC via RJ45 cable. Make the PC automatically to get the IP, Submask, DNS.

 The PC will be get a IP of

Step 3) At PC web browser, please type:

Username: admin      Password: admin

Step 4) System – Setup Wizard

4.1) General


a) Set the Web Login password;
b) Sync with system time with clicking “Sync with browser”, or select the “Timezon”;
c) Click “Save & Apply” button for next step;

 4.2) Mobile





Check it

Mobile connection

Normally system will automatically select


Fill in the right parameters. Get this parameter from the Sim Card Provider or Carrier;

PIN number

If the SIM card uses PIN code, please put here. Wrong PIN code makes router no work.
If the SIM card doesn’t use PIN code, please keep blank here.

Dialing number

Fill in the right parameters. Get this parameter from the Sim Card Provider or Carrier. With experience, most of time, 2G/3G/4G use *99#, and CDMA/EVDO use #777.

Authentication method

Fill in the right parameters. Get this parameter from the Sim Card Provider or Carrier;


No more settings


Need set “Username” and “Password”


Need set “Username” and “Password”

Service Type

Select the network you want to use. Normally keep default settings


Normally keep default settings


Normally keep default settings

Click “Save & Apply” button for next step;

4.3) LAN


Set the router LAN IP parameters. Click “Save & Apply” button for next step;

4.4) WiFi


Notes: for security, it is highly recommend to set “Encryption” for the WiFi Radio.


Step 5) once the router is online, it gets a WAN IP Address and Status Page will show similar info, also the “Cell LED” will light on. And “Cell Signal LED” flash if there is enough signal.


Signal Strength Value

Cell Signal LED Flashing Speed



Flash per 2 seconds



Flash per 1 second



Flash per 0.5 second


5.1) Status – Overview


Step 6) In order to keep the router working stably, it’s highly recommended to activate the “ICMP Check” feature.



1) For router working with best stability, we highly suggest activate and use this feature. With this feature, the Router will automatically detect its working status and fix the problem.

2) You can fill in Host1 only, also you can fill in Host1 and Host2 together.

Below list the ICMP checking principle diagram.