Industrial-grade 4G router TCP/IP network architecture 1. Layering of TCP/IP network system   TCP/IP (TransmissionControlProtocol/InternetProtocol), transmission control protocol/Internet protocol. It was developed by the defense advanced research projects agency in the 1970s, and was later integrated into UNIX and popularized. It emerged in the 1980s as the Internet's...


The structure of 4G DTU The main function of DTU is to transmit data from remote devices back to the background center via wired/wireless. Different data transmission modes of DTU include all-network-connected DTU, GPRS DTU, WIFI DTU, CAN DTU and 4G DTU. Today, we will have a look at the structure and work flow of DTU.   To complete...


What are the wireless connection technologies of the... Internet of things (iot) applications have been deeply rooted in our lives. The E-Lins H685 industrial-grade router is a small industrial-grade wireless router with single or double LAN ports. TDD/ fdd-lte, 4G, 3G, GPRS network optional. Besides, what are the wireless connectivity technologies for the Internet of things?   1....


The use of industrial wireless routers Industrial-grade wireless router adopts high performance 32-bit industrial-grade ARM9 communication processor, which is widely used in finance, electric power, postal, water conservancy, environmental protection, meteorology and other industries.   Industrial router is mainly used in intelligent transportation,...


Cascade and stack of industrial-grade 4G routers The most basic star Ethernet architecture, the actual star enterprise network may be much more complex than this. This renaturation is not only reflected in how high-end network equipment, how complex configuration, more importantly, the performance of network switching level is more complex. Industrial routers and firewalls...



E-Lins Industrial router applications

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Industrial-grade routers as Internet network layer communication equipment application in all walks of life, brought a lot of convenience for our industry. “E-Lins” introduce the application of industrial router scenario analysis.


1 The self-service terminal network


E-lins industrial router networking facilitates the wireless networking and remote management of self-service terminals. Operations can be self-service equipment such as self-help harvest home, machines, payment terminal layout to any area of the wireless network coverage, such as shopping malls, neighborhood, community, etc., a substantial increase in business volume.


2 The smart grid remote video monitoring


Remote video monitoring system has been widely used in intelligent monitoring of transmission lines. The system carries out remote real-time video monitoring of transmission lines, towers and transmission substation of transmission lines. The collected real-time video image information can be transmitted to the management center through the link of industrial wireless router. Real-time monitoring of transmission line state, enhance the level of the lean production management.


3 Management of public bicycle in traffic areas


Public bike rental system includes management center, customer service sites, bike rental sites of three parts. Industrial router applications in the center of the management of communication management system, through the network operators, box rental management system with the background data forwarding, intelligent parking system and settlement system of data transmission, transfer, and the data transmission function with the other application systems.


4 Remote audio-video monitoring of driver’s license test


In order to effectively prevent accidents, control the source of safety management and regulate the driver’s license examination, the traffic management bureau of the ministry of public security has been successively implemented in various places to strengthen the management guidance of motor vehicle drivers. Cameras are installed on the driver’s license examination vehicles, and connected with the rear platform through 4G industrial router. The subjects of the driver’s test of automobiles are subject to video and audio monitoring. Print 3 randomly captured test photos on the test report card of each subject, and the test video will be kept for more than 1 year.


5 WIFI bus


WIFI bus is an important part of wisdom city. Routers through 4 g in the car industry, will be on the way of the 3 g / 4 g mobile communication base station emission signal into stable quality of network signals (such as wi-fi signals), micro letter can easily meet car passengers chat, on QQ, local news, download the APP and other mobile Internet lifestyle. Can fully support all the bus company and scheduling, scheduling, statistical analysis and other business needs; Can also support the bus video image transmission of the monitoring system, once the vehicle accident or emergency, video monitoring system can start immediately, will video transmission to the rear of the console for emergency response and scheduling platform center.


6 Intelligent express delivery cabinet


The intelligent express delivery cabinet connects and interacts with the central management platform via the operator’s 3G/4G wireless network through wireless router to realize remote management and monitoring. And through the VPN and VPDN, realize the security of the data transmission. Send and receive express real-time, liberate the workforce, the center server for data processing and integration, realizing data sharing, in order to ensure real-time and efficient express business. Real time control of the terminal all express ark centralized remote management, operation condition, reduce operating costs, improve service quality.


7 Equipment remote monitoring


Using 4 g industrial router to establish a system of numerical control machine tool remote fault diagnosis is to CNC machine tool fault diagnosis technology and the INTERNET of wireless communication technology, the combination of establishing monitoring on nc machine tools, its running status data, and in the center of the enterprise local area network and the INTERNET to establish expert diagnosis and analysis of CNC machine running status diagnosis. It can make fault diagnosis is more flexible and convenient, and can effectively improve the diagnostic accuracy and work efficiency, reduce maintenance time.


The industrial wireless router has become a magical device in the field of Internet of things M2M due to its fast transmission rate and strong stability.

Enable-Network To A Bus

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E-lins H685 and H820 router Application in Sydney’ bus.E-lins Perfect solution when we’re dealing with a constantly moving, rattling bus!

E-lins  Wireless has been dealing with that problem recently. It’s supplying the on-bus 3G Wi-Fi routers for Sydney’s Opal transport smartcard, which is supposed to catch NSW up to the rest of the nation by actually introducing a work on-train smartcard.

As part of a supply contract with Opal’s main developer Cubic Transportation Systems to fit out 5000 Sydney buses, E-lins had to customise one of its existing designs. Many of the features on the router would be recognisable in most networking contexts: it has eight on-board ports, and can switch between using Telstra’s 3G networks when on the road and Wi-Fi signal when in maintenance areas. But it also required some changes.

“We’ve specialised the device so that it copes with vehicles being turned on and off which can cause spikes and currents in the available power,” E-lins Wireless’s Evan zou told us. “It’s also vibration-proof.”

The bus rollout is currently half-completed (though only two routes in Sydney are active), and scheduled to finish by the end of 2014.

E-Lins 4G Wireless Router: Solutions for Transport

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Traffic Data Acquisition Application
Traffic Data Acquisition is among one important tasks in ITS. All the on-line or historical data are vital for the design and planning for the traffic management strategy. The traffic data acquisition device normal consists of two parts: the sensor and the controller. The controller links with the central through wire-line connection and send back the data collected from the sensor. However, installation of the wire-line relates to huge engineering efforts and the maintenance of fixed lines has always been difficult. There will be more problems to get wire-line connection in remote areas. When

the communication line goes down, data is lost unless a data Logger is further installed.

In this application, wireless module links with the Traffic Data Acquisition device using RS485 interface. The raw data from the detector is further analyzed by the data protocol analysis mechanism provided by the wireless module and sorted data is transmitted to the central Traffic Control Centre through GPRS network and Internet in TCP/IP packet. Data can be temporarily stored in the memory buffer when GPRS is disconnected. From the system integrator”s point of view, all the integration on the terminal wireless

connection is achieved by the plug & play of wireless module and no change is necessary on the original detecting device. And only simple application is required at the central to access the terminal data. The total system implementation is accomplished within 3 weeks.