Characteristics and differences between RS485 and RS232 RS232 and RS485 have always been the weak current common interface, but there are a lot of people do not understand the difference between them is not very thorough.   I. overview of RS485   RS-485 serial bus is widely used when the communication distance is tens of meters to thousands of meters. RS-485...


What is M2M? As is known to all, besides providing more broadband speed and quality, 5G is characterized by the application of the Internet of things (IoT) from the demand and design stage. In order to adapt to different applications, mobile communication technology with no wiring, high coverage and high reusability has become an important...


The similarities and differences between industrial... 1. definition of industrial 4G router and industrial switch   Industrial 4G router:   Industrial 4G router is a network device responsible for path finding. It provides users with communication by finding the least communication from multiple paths in the interconnection network. Industrial 4G router...


4g router features of E-lins Technology With the development of new communication technologies and the continuous improvement of network efficiency and function of wireless communication, 4G has been widely used. 4G industrial-grade wireless routers are playing an increasingly important role in the applications of various industries, and the price is getting...


E-Lins Industrial router applications Industrial-grade routers as Internet network layer communication equipment application in all walks of life, brought a lot of convenience for our industry. "E-Lins" introduce the application of industrial router scenario analysis.   1 The self-service terminal network   E-lins industrial router networking...



New 4G M2M Router

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E-lins H685t is a new 4G/LTE router with wifi,built on components that meet industrial requirements , with a low price but with unlimited features.The router can be mounted on a DIN rail with a separate bracket . It is powered by 12 VDC and has a rich support for different LTE bands, it can communicate via LTE at 800, 900 , 1800, 1900 , 2100 and 2600 MHz. Is not 4G on the spot then transferred router to 3G and then 2G. As for 4G so the router has a theoretical maximum speed of 100 Mbit / s download speed and 50 Mbit / s upload speed , but also for 3G offers the great performance by up to 42 Mbit / s download speed and 5.7 Mbit / s upload speed.

In order to reach these speeds , use of dual external antennas , three antennas included in the package , two for 4G and one for wifi. Because the router has an antenna plug of SMA type antenna can be replaced with more powerful antennas , which can be an advantage in such fixed installations.


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