What are the wireless connection technologies of the... Internet of things (iot) applications have been deeply rooted in our lives. The E-Lins H685 industrial-grade router is a small industrial-grade wireless router with single or double LAN ports. TDD/ fdd-lte, 4G, 3G, GPRS network optional. Besides, what are the wireless connectivity technologies for the Internet of things?   1....


The use of industrial wireless routers Industrial-grade wireless router adopts high performance 32-bit industrial-grade ARM9 communication processor, which is widely used in finance, electric power, postal, water conservancy, environmental protection, meteorology and other industries.   Industrial router is mainly used in intelligent transportation,...


Cascade and stack of industrial-grade 4G routers The most basic star Ethernet architecture, the actual star enterprise network may be much more complex than this. This renaturation is not only reflected in how high-end network equipment, how complex configuration, more importantly, the performance of network switching level is more complex. Industrial routers and firewalls...


The difference between 4G router and 4G DTU 4G industrial wireless router and 4G DTU are also used for wireless network data transmission of industrial equipment. But there are also significant differences between the two, and the differences between the two are mainly from the appearance of the interface, the use of methods and the application environment.   1....


Characteristics and differences between RS485 and RS232 RS232 and RS485 have always been the weak current common interface, but there are a lot of people do not understand the difference between them is not very thorough.   I. overview of RS485   RS-485 serial bus is widely used when the communication distance is tens of meters to thousands of meters. RS-485...



2.4Ghz WiFi Comparation

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WLAN communication criterion live through 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g and nowadays’ main 802.11n and 802.11ac.

802.11b 11Mbps
802.11 Super b 22Mbps
802.11g/802.11a 54Mbps
802.11 Super G 108Mbps
802.11 High Speed-G 125Mbps
802.11n 150Mbps
802.11n 300Mbps
802.11n 450Mbps
802.11ac 1200Mbps

450Mbps is the fastest WLAN in 2.4Ghz band. Comparing to 300Mbps wireless products, 450Mbps products have higher transmission band, provide high-efficient steam,more stability and wider coverage.
Real 450Mbps Wireless Products use three WiFi antenna. 150Mbps is two stream in 802.11N protocols. 450Mbps is three stream. One antenna sends and receives one stream, so 300M uses 2 WiFi antenna which is enough.
All E-Lins’ Cellular routers have WiFi feature option. H685 and H820 series use 150Mbps, and H700/H720 series use 300Mbps. H860 openWRT series has expansion WiFi slot for different band even for 450Mbps and 802.11ac dual band.


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