The detailed difference between 4G industrial router...   4G industrial router and 4G DTU both realize the wireless network data transmission function, and the differences between them are mainly from the use method, appearance interface and application environment, etc. Today, we will introduce some differences between 4G router and 4G DTU.   Different methods...


Application analysis of iot sensing technology   The Internet of things (iot) is widely used in the integration of networks through intelligent perception, recognition technology, pervasive computing and other communication perception technologies. The iot is understood as "Internet connected by things". The Internet of things (iot) connects all objects with...


What is a single/dual frequency wireless 4G router 1. Introduction to "single frequency" router The single-frequency router only works in the 2.4ghz band, which is generally supported by wireless terminals. However, the 2.4ghz band has large interference, which may affect the wireless rate and stability.   2. Introduction to "dual-frequency" router Dual-frequency...


Wireless communication DTU features Data Transfer unit (DTU) is a wireless terminal device specially used to convert serial Data into IP Data or convert IP Data into serial Data for transmission through wireless communication network.   DTU advantages: Rapid and flexible network, short construction cycle, low cost; Wide network coverage; Good...


The advantage of using wireless data transmission module... Data transmission can be simply divided into two major types: wired (including the installation of optical cables, cables or leased telecommunication lines) and wireless (including the establishment of dedicated wireless data transmission system or the borrowing of CDPD, GSM, CDMA and other public network information platforms).     In...




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三家运营商因为用的设备不同所以接受设备也不一样。买的时候你问清支持哪个网络。4G路由适用于经常出差而没有网络的人士(现在酒店大多数都有网络)你也可以将手机卡换成128K的 用手机当作路由使用。(手机有线无线都支持的)何必去弄这个大家伙。

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