The advantage of using wireless data transmission module... Data transmission can be simply divided into two major types: wired (including the installation of optical cables, cables or leased telecommunication lines) and wireless (including the establishment of dedicated wireless data transmission system or the borrowing of CDPD, GSM, CDMA and other public network information platforms).     In...


Industrial-grade 4G router TCP/IP network architecture 1. Layering of TCP/IP network system   TCP/IP (TransmissionControlProtocol/InternetProtocol), transmission control protocol/Internet protocol. It was developed by the defense advanced research projects agency in the 1970s, and was later integrated into UNIX and popularized. It emerged in the 1980s as the Internet's...


The structure of 4G DTU The main function of DTU is to transmit data from remote devices back to the background center via wired/wireless. Different data transmission modes of DTU include all-network-connected DTU, GPRS DTU, WIFI DTU, CAN DTU and 4G DTU. Today, we will have a look at the structure and work flow of DTU.   To complete...


What are the wireless connection technologies of the... Internet of things (iot) applications have been deeply rooted in our lives. The E-Lins H685 industrial-grade router is a small industrial-grade wireless router with single or double LAN ports. TDD/ fdd-lte, 4G, 3G, GPRS network optional. Besides, what are the wireless connectivity technologies for the Internet of things?   1....


The use of industrial wireless routers Industrial-grade wireless router adopts high performance 32-bit industrial-grade ARM9 communication processor, which is widely used in finance, electric power, postal, water conservancy, environmental protection, meteorology and other industries.   Industrial router is mainly used in intelligent transportation,...




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很多朋友把M2M和物联网看成同一个概念,这是不准确的,在这里伊林思为您解读M2M和物联网的区别,那么什么是M2M,什么又是物联网?简单的说,M2M是将数据从一台终端传送到另一台终端,也就是就是机器与机器的对话。M2M不是什么新概念,也是司空见惯 的现象,比如我们上班用的门禁卡,超市的条码扫描,再比如日前比较流行的NFC手机支付。多年以前,伊林思科技在M2M方面已经做出了很大成就和很多宣传和工 作,并推出了一些全球领先的M2M产品,成功地在很多领域推广使用。物联网(TheInternetofthings)的概念是在1999年提出的,它的定义很简 单:把所有物品通过射频识别等信息传感设备与互联网连接起来,实现智能化识别和管理。物联网指的是将各种信息传感设备,如射频识别(RFID)装置、红外 感应器、全球定位系统、激光扫描器等种种装置通过网络(主要是移动网络)实现与互联网的结合,从而形成的一个巨大网络,用伊林思科技的话说就是“everything network”。


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