Industrial-grade 4G router TCP/IP network architecture 1. Layering of TCP/IP network system   TCP/IP (TransmissionControlProtocol/InternetProtocol), transmission control protocol/Internet protocol. It was developed by the defense advanced research projects agency in the 1970s, and was later integrated into UNIX and popularized. It emerged in the 1980s as the Internet's...


The structure of 4G DTU The main function of DTU is to transmit data from remote devices back to the background center via wired/wireless. Different data transmission modes of DTU include all-network-connected DTU, GPRS DTU, WIFI DTU, CAN DTU and 4G DTU. Today, we will have a look at the structure and work flow of DTU.   To complete...


What are the wireless connection technologies of the... Internet of things (iot) applications have been deeply rooted in our lives. The E-Lins H685 industrial-grade router is a small industrial-grade wireless router with single or double LAN ports. TDD/ fdd-lte, 4G, 3G, GPRS network optional. Besides, what are the wireless connectivity technologies for the Internet of things?   1....


The use of industrial wireless routers Industrial-grade wireless router adopts high performance 32-bit industrial-grade ARM9 communication processor, which is widely used in finance, electric power, postal, water conservancy, environmental protection, meteorology and other industries.   Industrial router is mainly used in intelligent transportation,...


Cascade and stack of industrial-grade 4G routers The most basic star Ethernet architecture, the actual star enterprise network may be much more complex than this. This renaturation is not only reflected in how high-end network equipment, how complex configuration, more importantly, the performance of network switching level is more complex. Industrial routers and firewalls...




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Route Redistribution

redistribute routing-process process-id [tag|metric|metic-type|subnets|route-map]

*routing-process:BGP EGP Connected EIGRP IGRP ISIS ISO-IGRP Mobile ODR OSPF

RIP and Static

*ospf-metric:BGP缺省重分布度量 1 其他协议为20





Controlling the OSPF Router ID

Router-id ip-address

手工指定工业路由器的router-id,建议配置时手工设置,以增加RID的稳定性。CCIE试验时,手工设置一次,避免扣分 另ipv6环境的RID,仍然是现有的ipv4表示方法,但必须手工设置一次

Summarizing External Routes

Summary-address ip-address [advertise | not-advertise]

汇聚路由可以应用到从动态路由选择协议,静态路由和连接工业4g路由器路由再次分布的路由上。 只可用在ASBR和ABR上默认参数

为advertise not-advertise关键词阻止汇聚路由被ABR,ASBR广播

Summary-address ip-address tag


Handling of MOSPF LSAs

Ignore lsa mospf

工业4g路由器不支持MOSPF路由,缺省情况下会接受Type6-LSA,双卡路由器不支持,但会产生syslog, 此命令可以阻止syslog产生

clear Commands

clear ip ospf {process-id} couters {neighbor neighbor-id} {int-name int-number}


ear ip ospf process


clear ip ospf redistribution



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