The advantage of using wireless data transmission module... Data transmission can be simply divided into two major types: wired (including the installation of optical cables, cables or leased telecommunication lines) and wireless (including the establishment of dedicated wireless data transmission system or the borrowing of CDPD, GSM, CDMA and other public network information platforms).     In...


Industrial-grade 4G router TCP/IP network architecture 1. Layering of TCP/IP network system   TCP/IP (TransmissionControlProtocol/InternetProtocol), transmission control protocol/Internet protocol. It was developed by the defense advanced research projects agency in the 1970s, and was later integrated into UNIX and popularized. It emerged in the 1980s as the Internet's...


The structure of 4G DTU The main function of DTU is to transmit data from remote devices back to the background center via wired/wireless. Different data transmission modes of DTU include all-network-connected DTU, GPRS DTU, WIFI DTU, CAN DTU and 4G DTU. Today, we will have a look at the structure and work flow of DTU.   To complete...


What are the wireless connection technologies of the... Internet of things (iot) applications have been deeply rooted in our lives. The E-Lins H685 industrial-grade router is a small industrial-grade wireless router with single or double LAN ports. TDD/ fdd-lte, 4G, 3G, GPRS network optional. Besides, what are the wireless connectivity technologies for the Internet of things?   1....


The use of industrial wireless routers Industrial-grade wireless router adopts high performance 32-bit industrial-grade ARM9 communication processor, which is widely used in finance, electric power, postal, water conservancy, environmental protection, meteorology and other industries.   Industrial router is mainly used in intelligent transportation,...



工业路由器的Network Summary LSA

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工业路由器:Network Summary LSA


可以使用show ip ospf database summary查看LSA

如果ABR知道有多条路径可以到达目标地址,但是它仍然只发送单个的Network Summary LSA,并且是开销最低的那条;同样,如果ABR从其他的ABR那里收到多条Network Summary LSA的话,它会只选择开销最低的,并把这条Network Summary LSA宣告给其他区域

当其他的工业路由器收到来自ABR的Network Summary LSA以后,它不会运行SPF算法,它只简单的加上到达那个ABR的开销和Network Summary LSA中包含的开销,通过ABR,到达目标地址的工业级无线路由器路由和开销一起被加进路由表里,这种依赖中间工业无线路由器来确定到达目标地址的完全路由(full route)实际上是距离矢量路由协议的行为

ASBR Summary LSA

由ABR发出,ASBR汇总LSA除了所通告的目的地是一个全网通工业级路由器ASBR而不是一个网络外,其他同NetworkSummary LSA

使用 show ip ospf database asbr-summary可以看到

Autonmous System External LSA

发自 ASBR工业4G路由器,用来通告到达OSPF自主系统外部的目的地,或者OSPF自主系统那个外部的缺省工业级4G路由器路由的LSA。这种LSA将在全AS内泛洪

可以使用 show ip ospf database external

NSSA External LSA

来自非完全Stub区域(not-so-stubby area)内ASBR工业LTE路由器始发的LSA通告它只在NSSA区域内泛洪,这是与LSA-Type5的区别

Show ip ospf database nssa-external

External Attributes LSA


Opaque LSA



由于并不是每个工业级LTE路由器都需要外部网络的信息,为了减少LSA泛洪量和工业级全网通路由器路由表条目,下图中的Area 2可以配置成为Stub区域


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