What is M2M? As is known to all, besides providing more broadband speed and quality, 5G is characterized by the application of the Internet of things (IoT) from the demand and design stage. In order to adapt to different applications, mobile communication technology with no wiring, high coverage and high reusability has become an important...


The similarities and differences between industrial... 1. definition of industrial 4G router and industrial switch   Industrial 4G router:   Industrial 4G router is a network device responsible for path finding. It provides users with communication by finding the least communication from multiple paths in the interconnection network. Industrial 4G router...


4g router features of E-lins Technology With the development of new communication technologies and the continuous improvement of network efficiency and function of wireless communication, 4G has been widely used. 4G industrial-grade wireless routers are playing an increasingly important role in the applications of various industries, and the price is getting...


E-Lins Industrial router applications Industrial-grade routers as Internet network layer communication equipment application in all walks of life, brought a lot of convenience for our industry. "E-Lins" introduce the application of industrial router scenario analysis.   1 The self-service terminal network   E-lins industrial router networking...


Classification of 4G industrial routers There are many types of 4G industrial routers, which can be divided into different categories from different perspectives. Different types of 4G industrial routers can be used in different environments. The following sections classify the 4G industrial routers from different perspectives. According to the performance From...




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工业以太网的传输线与一般PC所使用的以太网络线相同。传统的工业传输线路,包括地址线、数据线与控制线等,必须采用一大捆的并行线路,但透过工业 以太网,只需要一条线就可以传送命令来控制数据,不需要使用数量庞大的线材。而工业以太网也拥有工业应用所需要的容余、以及时间定时管理等功能,尽管工业 以太网与家用的PC以太网并非完全相同,然而其精神是一致的。

在工业网络市场不断挑战现场总线的主导地位。流程产业中的工业以太网节点2016年出货量有望达到870万个,比2011年的440万个大增 96%。这意味着2016年工业以太网将占到流程产业中的网络节点的45%,高于2011年的39%。现场总线将为此付出代价,同期内的增长率预计为 51%.


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